Business summary & vision

tunneljobs wants to build a community for tunnelling we can only do this with your help so if you have anything you would like to contribute or think we should be doing please just email sam@tunneljobs.com.

Tunnel Construction is a global industry that continuously employs 1000’s of people every day of every year. Current forecasts suggest this industry will continue to expand, globally, as new technologies and environmental demands start to emerge. In particular as cities grow their infrastructure needs to go below ground which means more tunnelling and the need for more personnel. 

tunneljobs.com was created to offer a link between industry employers and specialist construction jobseekers.  No other general construction recruitment service can offer the knowledge, wisdom and experience we can.  Nor can they offer a specialist applicant lists such as ours. We set the benchmark in providing a professional, qualified and skilled resource to a rapidly expanding industry.  The ‘project’ nature of tunnelling means the workforce is in constant flux, with the need to be agile and responsive to the ever-changing demands of the industry. This is truly a ‘global’ workplace, with personnel needing to be flexible and willing to travel to every corner of the world to find work.  No specialist tunnelling dedicated staffing resource currently exists to serve this market. Tunnel construction companies are having to use and rely on generalist recruitment services. The industry needs a specialist which is where tunneljobs fits into the market. Tunneljobs understands exactly what personnel a company needs on any type of major tunnelling project. 

For employers, Tunneljobs.com enables them to take advantage of a time and cost efficient global recruitment solution, allowing them to find tunnelling experts in every field reliably now and in the future. Getting it right first time - the right resource in the right place, with the right skills cuts down on expensive re-recruiting.  Tunneljobs.com provides employers with an efficient way to source highly qualified applicants rich in education, experience and diversity from throughout the world.  

For candidates, it’s a fast and easy ‘one-stop shop’ to find their next tunnelling project. We have access to every single  tunneling project in the world.  Our team will help you break through the cluttered job market to find the best job for your skill set. We want to work with you and talk to you and place you where you want to be. 

We do things differently

We are here to help not hassle, much of what we do is for free for tunnellers and when it comes to construction companies we want to help and make the process of finding staff as easy as possible. We also deliver on our promises we can supply any person to any project in the world. We have an amazing global reach. Try tunneljobs we are better than the rest...

How it works

Tunneljobs.com provides  placement and contract services and is able to provide personnel for all sectors of the tunneling industry.  You can commission our team to find the right personnel for you our fees are a one off for placement only and we provide personnel on a contract basis for much less than the majority of the industry.  For information on our rates please call or email the tunneljobs team. We also offer a searchable files of all our applicants which allows you to browse and find who you want on your team from anywhere in the world. Employers can advertise vacancies via the Tunneljobs.com website, which will automatically appear on Tunnelbuilder websites at no extra charge and in the weekly newsletter which reaches over 300,000 tunneling professionals every week. The advert will  also email every person in the database informing them of the position that has become available. 



The founder of Tunneljobs.com,  Sam Heard - Evans is an industry-leading expert.  Sam has worked within, and commented on the Tunnel Construction Industry for over 20 years.  Her consultancy services are used by organisations such as the BBC, Discovery Channel and major companies throughout the world.  She has used her extensive knowledge to shape the offering of Tunneljobs.com to the market.  Wanting to create a website that fits the needs of both the client and the candidates giving them one website that provides all the information they could possibly need about worldwide tunnelling projects and being employed on them! The majority of our staff have been on site visits and underground so they have an understanding of the working environments that the applicants are working in. It allows them to do their jobs better when speaking to both the client and the applicants. For further information call the team on 0044 (0) 2920 385707